Why is buying a good carpet cleaner this hard? Seriously!!!

Maia's new machineThis last week, I have seen and read so much about carpet cleaners that I feel like I’m slowly becoming an expert. I can talk for hours about the brands, models, why this Bissell model is good, and why that Hoover model will cost more in the long run… What’s even funnier, I have never cleaned a carpet in my life until today.

But as Maia went out and bought new carpets for the house (one Barber and two Persian rugs), and since I have a history of spilling all kinds of stuff from foods and drinks to oil and paint on the floors, she insisted that we also get a good carpet cleaner before her new carpets become unrecognizable with my mess ups.

So, the long and boring search has begun!!! Apparently, there are dozens of different models that make similar claims; at first look, it seemed that they were pretty much doing the same thing, so I was prepared to buy the one that costs the less. After all, how much difference there can be between two of these machines?

But Maia was quick to correct my erroneous assumptions. She explained that they had different features like separate tanks, heater units, rotating brushes, etc. On top of that, some of them were usable on bare floors, while some others were recommended for Barber or Persian rugs like ours. After a few hours of Carpet Cleaning 101, I’ve learned a lot about them (and now I’ll have to forget all of it for some sanity 🙂

Anyways, we have narrowed our options to two models after hours of debate; Bissell Big Green and the Rug Doctor Deep Cleaner. I thought we were pretty much done at this point, but boy, was I wrong. It wasn’t enough to narrow the choices, now we had to read everything everyone ever written about these two carpet cleaners.

We have scoured the web, visited both Bissell’s and Rug Doctor’s official sites, read countless carpet cleaner reviews on dozens of different sites ranging from professional review sites to personal blogs. At one point, I thought it would be easier for me to buy them both! But of course Maia dismissed that idea (“don’t be a moron John” was what she exactly said).

Welcome to your new home Bissell Big Green!

So, yes, long story short, we had finally decided to go with the Big Green. We paid premium for the machine, but after seeing it, I think we made the right choice. The machine looks sturdy; it was easy to assemble and started working without any hiccups at first try. The only problem I can see is that it’s a bit heavy, but Maia assures me that the Rug Doctor would be as heavy (and weight isn’t a problem for her since she assumes I’ll do the cleaning, rightly of course!)

Now, all that remains is to use it (yes, the carpets are brand new so actually there is nothing to clean yet, but I plan to rectify the situation very soon). If you guys got any carpets you need cleaning, let me know in a week or two; by then I’ll definitely have the carpets stained, and I can get yours done as well while I’m at it 🙂

So who the heck is John?

Hi there ladies and gents, my name is John and I’m the (not so) humble owner of this website.

I actually didn’t think of creating my blog before now, but after a lot of support (and a little pushing) from my lovely wife Maia, I’ve decided to try my hand on this. Who knows, maybe I’ll become one of the hotshots of the interwebs :p

So, what will you find here? Well, mostly my ramblings about my work, family, home and hobbies (a little hint for those who didn’t take it, I love horses, but more about that later). I intend to keep this as some sort of online journal (or documentary in case I become a hotshot) about my life. I don’t know if anyone will like what I’ll be writing about but I’ll do my best to paint a good picture of my life for anyone who can be bothered to read it.

I’m kind of a busybody when it comes to work and home, so don’t be shocked if I talk about the difficulties of navigating the corporate world one day and talk about wooden horses or the new gadget I’ve got for myself the next. I don’t presume anyone will visit my site to get valuable lessons about the life, universe and everything; so, I’ll just be myself and be hoping you’ll come to like me.

So, welcome to my site. And here is a little gift for those of you who happen to love all kinds of horses (wooden and otherwise) like me:

Now, if this isn’t beauty, I don’t know what is :))

See you on the next (and first real) post.

John signing out.