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We have been serving the community of greater Grosse Pointe for more than 3o years with the services that they need to get to where they are going. Whether it is traveling to the big game in style or keeping the homes of the hardworking people and rich history of the Great Lakes state up and running, we have been here for years and will continue to serve the community just like our families before us did. We are not afraid of hard work and no matter where you need to be and no matter what you need to do, we are here to make sure that you are going to get there in style and that the job is always finished properly.

We are from a class of working class people that have never been afraid of working hard for a living and showing people what people from the great state of Michigan are like. We have been part of the community for years and have always thought of ourselves as staples in a community that likes to work hard and play hard. We have always had the backs of our customers and have always showed them that we are the best in the city at what we do.

Limo Rentals

Come to us for the best limo rentals in the state of Michigan. We have been serving Grosse Pointe for as long as we can remember and helped build the entire limo industry in the city, which is one of the biggest small cities in the world. The people here are the best and there is simply no better place to spend time than Grosse Pointe, Michigan. You can be sure that if you are here, you are here to make the most of the town and will want to do it in style.

Whether you are going to or from the airport or simply seeing the sites and sounds that our great state has to offer, be sure that you see all of our deals on prestigious limos that can take you where you need to go in a jiffy. Our drivers are the safest in the world and have all of the necessary credentials to meet the highest standards of any limo company in the continental United States.

Generator Rentals Michigan

Have you ever wondered how people that live in such a cold and unforgiving climate get by? The answer is generators of course. Our weather is some of the most unpredictable in the world, which is why we always need to be prepared for everything. That is why every home has a rental generator that they get from the best Portable Power Generators Rental in the state, which is us. We have generators of all shapes and sizes and you can be sure that we have exactly what you need to keep your home running even when the power is out.


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