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About Us

We have been here for years providing the good people of Grosse Pointe, MI with the best services by way of generator and limo rental. Because of our services, we have become the best in serving the best little big town in the great state of Michigan. Through our green technology and luxury limo services, we have helped many people achieve their dreams and have shown them just what it takes to become the best in the business. For the best limo and generator rentals, you will not find a better outlet anywhere iin the state.

The city of Grosse Pointe is a budding metropolis that is just outside of the great city of Detroit. Here you can find a number of artistic attractions and great dining that puts any other city to shame. The hardships of Detroit has made it a hub for hard workers and those that refuse to give up on their dreams. Through our hard work and dedication we have brought people to this city and shown them that you do not need to be big to make an impact on society. Helping people is what we do and we do so by giving them access to the best services in the world.

Come see the difference in Grosse Pointe

Grosse Point is unlike any other city in the world because it is a small town that offers all of the services and attractions of a large city. In order for you to get the full experience of the great city, you simply have to see it for yourself. One visit and you will see why we have decided to call Grosse Pointe our home.

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