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Grosse Pointe History

A town crucial to the settlement of the Midwest, the city of Grosse Pointe, Michigan has a rich history and one that has helped it become the great city that it is today. Here you can find the intersection between the Native American tribes of the Midwest and the pioneers that made it the bustling city that it is today. It is a rich example of how history of the area formed and is one of the most significant cities in the area for commerce in the Midwest.

Home to a number of historical museums highlighting the rich past and promising future of the Grosse Pointe, the city is a place frozen in time, a quaint city with all of the appeal and attractions of a big city like Detroit. In Grosse Pointe, life is lived at a different speed, one that understands the importance of sometimes stopping to enjoy life.

Grosse Pointe Tourism

One of the most well known tourist towns in the Metro Detroit area, Grosse Point is home to some of the best dining and tourist attractions in the whole area. Here you will find your fair share of five star dining experiences and a nightlife that is as vibrant as any big city. Each year tourism has been rising in the city as the result of an initiative to show people the wonders of one of the biggest little cities in the United States.

Come join the wave of people that have realized the potential and the rich history of the city of Grosse Pointe. A visit to our city is a visit to a historical landmark of the United States and the great state of Michigan. One visit and you will see why we have become one of the best towns to tour in the entire Midwest.


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